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Burden VST Synthesizer.

Here is the latest FREE VST. It has 2 oscillators, a variable filter ,1 LFO, and a waveshaper.

FREE VST Synthesizer
Hybridize VST Synthesizer

Hybridize is a Big Noisy 5 oscillator Synthesizer. It also has 3 LFO's, 3 ADSR's lot's of crazy routing possibility. If you want strange modulating noise this is the synth for you.

Perplexed VST Synthesizer

Perplexed has 2 VCOs, 1 VCF with 5 filter types, 1 LFO, 1 ADSR, a S/H and a Delay with a filter that can be applied to the delay.

Screen shot | Download

EnVee VST Synthesizer

EnVee has 2 VCOs each having it own VCF, an over drive and a very strange and at time very random modulation section made possible with the Walsh Oscillator made by

Screen shot | Download

Isotope VST Synthesizer

Isotope yet another 2 VCO Synth, it also has 1 VCF, 1 AD, 1 ADSR, 1 sample and hold, 1 LFO and modulation. Lots of cool routing possibilities

Screen shot | Download

Critical Mass VST Synthesizer

Critical Mass is the first VST release by Raven F. This Synth contains 2 VCOs, 1VCF, 1 LFO, 1 sample and hold, 1 Bit Crusher, 1 DCA, 1AMP, and a Random Seed ARP.

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