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Future Music Reviews War Drumz CD
Here's another one. A 'z' when they mean 's'. I dunno.. Anyway, we often get sent DIY sample CDs by kidz (now I'm at it!) trying to make it in the cutthroat world of sample CDs and we often, frankly, ignore their childish efforts. But this one got our attention right away. The first is the 600- odd samples; big loops ranging in tempo from a mere 70bpm right up to 250bpm. Not that things at the slow end of the scale are in any way ballard-like. This is powerful, industrial and distorted stuff that could, with the right treatment, be applied in quite a lot of the current European Glitch market; not that that was the intention – this CD is from the States where this kind of hardcore bizznizz is big and Electro-industrial still does the rounds. But taking from one genre to feed another makes you creative, which is the message here, and it's only 35 bucks (a mere 20 of our British pounds). And, not only that, but the chaps throw in three VST synths and two VST effects; all fairly rudimentary but useable for mangling sounds. Very imprezzive!

Andy Jones

WD Sample CD

ONLY $35

ONLY $25

Top sample CD May FM
War Drumz Vol. I, named one of top 5 sample CD in the May 2005 issue of Future Music.

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