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War Drumz Vol. II Sample CD-Rom
War Drumz Vol II contains over 500 mind boggling drumloops with tempo ranging from 60 BPM to 250 BPM and over 50 Drum hits. With WDII we pushed the envelope even further: these loops are harder hitting, more complex and full of filters and effects. Which mean they will fit any style from dance oriented to harsh/distorted aggro.

Only $25

War Drumz Vol. 1 sample / VST CD-Rom

War Drumz Vol. 1. is not just another sample CD-Rom full of drum loops, We thought we would try something new. Not only do you get over 600 drumloops and 50 drum hits, but we've also included 3 VSTi Synthesizers and 2 VST effects.
With the addition of the VSTi Synthesizers and VST effects you could essentially write entire songs using nothing but the content of this CD-Rom. On top of everything you get we are also selling this for what would be considered a low price for a CD-Rom containing nothing but samples. We give you over 650 samples plus 5 VSTs for only $35. Your not going to find a better deal then this any place, so order now.........

Only $35

War Drumz Vol. I & II sample CD-Rom
The War Drumz bundle contains both WDI and WDII in a double case for only $50. That is a $10 savings over the cost of the CD’s if bought individually. So that is over 1100 loops, over 100 drum hits, 3 VST synthesizers and 2 VST effects. All for only $50.

Only $50

Top sample CD May FM
War Drumz Vol. I, named one of top 5 sample CD in the May 2005 issue of Future Music.

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Burden VST Synthesizer

Burden has 2 oscillators, a variable filter ,1 LFO, and a waveshaper.

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